COVID-19 Open-Data

This repository contains the largest Covid-19 epidemiological database available in addition to a powerful set of expansive covariates. It includes open sourced data with a permissive license (enabling commercial use) relating to vaccinations, epidemiology, hospitalizations, demographics, economy, geography, health, mobility, government response, weather, and more. Moreover, the data merges daily time-series from hundreds of data sources at a fine spatial resolution, containing over 20,000 locations and using a consistent set of region keys.

For folks who want to jump right in...

For the research oriented - a data goldmine upon which to perform ML/AI forecasting, investigations anchored to myriad covariates, and much more.

For policy makers - auto-magically generated data visualizations that express thousand words (or sentiments) from anywhere in the world to aid in governance.

Surface data anywhere from as high as country level down to ISO/NUTS /FIPS codes. The different aggregation levels are:

There are multiple types of data:

The data is drawn from multiple sources, as listed below, and stored in separate tables as CSV files grouped by context, which can be easily merged due to the use of consistent geographic (and temporal) keys as it is done for the main table.

Table Keys1 Content URL Source2
Main [key][date] Flat table with records from (almost) all other tables joined by date and/or key; see below for more details aggregated.csv.gz All tables below
Index [key] Various names and codes, useful for joining with other datasets index.csv, index.json Wikidata, DataCommons, Eurostat
Demographics [key] Various (current3) population statistics demographics.csv, demographics.json Wikidata, DataCommons, WorldBank, WorldPop, Eurostat
Economy [key] Various (current3) economic indicators economy.csv, economy.json Wikidata, DataCommons, Eurostat
Epidemiology [key][date] COVID-19 cases, deaths, recoveries and tests epidemiology.csv, epidemiology.json Various2
Vaccinations [key][date] COVID-19 vaccine deployment metrics vaccinations.csv, vaccinations.json Various2
Emergency Declarations [key][date] Government emergency declarations and mitigation policies lawatlas-emergency-declarations.csv LawAtlas Project
Geography [key] Geographical information about the region geography.csv, geography.json Wikidata
Health [key] Health indicators for the region health.csv, health.json Wikidata, WorldBank, Eurostat
Hospitalizations [key][date] Information related to patients of COVID-19 and hospitals hospitalizations.csv, hospitalizations.json Various2
Mobility [key][date] Various metrics related to the movement of people.

To download or use the data, you must agree to the Google Terms of Service.
mobility.csv, mobility.json Google
Search Trends [key][date] Trends in symptom search volumes due to COVID-19.

To download or use the data, you must agree to the Google Terms of Service.
google-search-trends.csv Google
Government Response [key][date] Government interventions and their relative stringency oxford-government-response.csv, oxford-government-response.json University of Oxford
Weather [key][date] Dated meteorological information for each region weather.csv NOAA
WorldBank [key] Latest record for each indicator from WorldBank for all reporting countries worldbank.csv, worldbank.json WorldBank
By Age [key][date] Epidemiology and hospitalizations data stratified by age by-age.csv, by-age.json Various2
By Sex [key][date] Epidemiology and hospitalizations data stratified by sex by-sex.csv, by-sex.json Various2

1 key is a unique string for the specific geographical region built from a combination of codes such as ISO 3166, NUTS, FIPS and other local equivalents.
2 Refer to the data sources for specifics about each data source and the associated terms of use.
3 Datasets without a date column contain the most recently reported information for each datapoint to date.